In Memoriam

It is with a deep sense of loss and regret that we acknowledge the death of valuable members and friends of the Coldwater & District Agricultural Society who passed away.


John Orr

John passed away on November 5, 2012.  He was Past President between 1980 and 1983 inclusive as well as 1986. 


Helen Walker
Helen was born 1915, on Gray St., Coldwater. Her mother died when Helen was less than 10 weeks old, and Helen was raised by her maternal grandparents. Her father, Jack Walker, remarried and Helen went to live with them and her 2 step-sisters. Helen received all her education at the old 2-storey Coldwater Public School and the Coldwater Continuation School, then worked at the Coldwater Library. She married Bev Walker in 1939 where they raised 3 sons in Coldwater. She used to complain about the displays of the Homecrafts at the Fair. Her cousin, Mel Wyley, Director of the Fair, and said “OK, next year you be the Director of the Homecrafts, Quilts and Women’s Institute”. Before the next Fair in 1970, Mel had died. Helen continued as a Director for several years. Some of the committee members were her step-sister, Catherine Hill, Helen’s two daughters-in-law and a son. Her nephew became President of the Fair and a son became a President of the Fair. Helen retired from the Fair about 1993 and passed away in January 2012.


Marion Barr
Marion was asked if she would enter some of her baking in the Fair. So she got a prize book from Lorraine Orr and she, with her youngest son, Lyle would pick what they were going to make to show in the Fair. They were the same recipes but different cooks. Lyle won 1st prize and Marion took 2nd prize. In 1979, Marion was asked by Rachel Devine, Director Domestic Science & Youth Domestic Science, if she would like to take the job on as Director of the Class. With the help of Co-Director, Jean Beaton, they added, changed the prize list many times over the years. The last Fair Marion did was in 1991 at the annual dinner/dance where she was presented with a decorated rolling pin that was inscribed “Coldwater Fall Fair – thanks Marion Barr from 1979 to 1991”. Marion passed away in February 2012.