Welcome to Coldwater Fall Fair

Coldwater & District Agricultural Society
11 Michael Anne Dr., Box 339
Coldwater, Ontario  L0K 1E0

Please take a look around and find all the information you need regarding this year's fair.
Fair dates for 2015 are September 25, 26 and 27.
Theme for 2015 is BEES

We, the Fair Board, would like to thank all of you who attended our Fair this year.  Thank you to the many men & women & teenagers who either helped out or volunteered.  With so much work to be done we really need you.  The weather was perfect and the crowds were perfect.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves and come back for our 2015 Fair which proves to be a great year. 

1.    The CHILDREN'S CAT SHOW and the CHILDREN'S STUFFED PET SHOW requires two people or just one to take over these shows.  Take a look on our site under Fair Books and in the Children's there is information for what would be required.  At the moment, the 2 classes are on 2 different days and different times BUT if one person wants to run these shows, we can accommodate and put them both on the same day.  If we cannot get someone, there will be a lot of disappointed children since they wouldn't be able to show off their Cats & Stuffed Pets.  For further information - give us a call at 705 826-0826.


2.    The Coldwater Fair NEEDS VOLUNTEERS needing hours and ADULT VOLUNTEERS as well.  Just give us a call 705 826-0826.



Fall Fair Cover Photo